No discussion of soccer is complete without mentioning the fans. It is the fans who have made soccer the most popular spectator sport in the world.

FIFA is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1904 and based in Zurich. It has 208 member associations and its goal, enshrined in its Statutes, is the constant improvement of football.

FIFA have mission (Develop the game, touch the world, build a better future). Football played by millions around the world, football is the heart and soul of FIFA.

From above we have the idea of our website (www.fifa2022.net).



 FIFA2022 overview:


When we look at the site www.fifa2020.net  we will find that the name is the first thing the eyes will be tended to because it’s extremely smooth in it’s consists of two main parts the first one depends on the language and the second to the figure.

And if we look at the first part of that name we find that it is a word of four characters, two of them are the same which mean that the (hand) will moving around three characters only when we write it as if a diatonic playing the tune repeatedly tortured   Here is the character (F) and then (I) and return to the character (F) again, and character (A) Thus achieving a sense symmetry


The name of (Fifa) Characterized by its familiar to all of us, the whole nations know it by the same pronunciations, and itself become a Implicitly synonymous with football.

Which means that the user regardless of the language (Arabic, English, German, French etc) or culture knows that word by heart, even as a slogan, because it is a part of the FIFA logo.


So there is no need to be afraid of making mistake when we write it when we write it which may cause the user to access the net to another site is not about sport.

And if we go back to the second part of the site name 2022 we will find it is a significant number to all Arabs in general and Arabs sportsmen particular, it is the FIFA world coup year which will be hold in Qatar, the first Arabic country has the Honor of the establishment of the World Cup (it became from now the Arabs bride that adorn herself for that Important day).


In addition to those relative importances of the number for each Arab the number it is not devoid of elegance and repeat increases the mind attached tags and this gives a high relative importance of weight to the name chosen for the site In order to achieve higher financial Resulting from the marketing of advertising spaces for the site.


In follow-up and analysis of the name, we will find that the extension of the site is (net) as we all know it is an easy and famous extension because it's Significant direct to the internet itself.