4 characteristics of the edges of the Golden Box in the 2018 World Cup

4 characteristics of the edges of the Golden Box in the 2018 World Cup
The final round of the 2018 World Cup, which is currently held on Russian soil, will continue until next Sunday. The final match is expected to take place at the Logniki Stadium in Moscow.
England, France, Belgium and Croatia were surprised by their strong performance at the World Cup thanks to strong technical performance, which played a key role in qualifying for the Golden Box, competing for the title of the 21st edition of the World Cup, or at least winning the silver or bronze medal.

The official website of the International Federation of Football (FIFA), a report highlighting the most important qualities that distinguish the qualifying teams to the golden box:

France .. Variety of characteristics:

Not long ago, Didier Deschamps might have been criticized for this aspect of the French team's play. Some journalists considered the cockroaches a thousand faces and lacked a real identity. But in fact, this feature became a positive point. Keeping up with their rhythm in the group stage, France showed a stunning level against Argentina and then gave a strong and effective performance against Uruguay. Is it three different French teams? No, it's the same team, but with different tactics.
France knows how to adapt its style to its opponents. This is a rare and valuable property. The tactical drawing may be 3/3/4 in a match and 1/3/2/4 in the next game, while Deschamps can decide to use Olivier Giroux or Kylian Mbabi to destabilize the defenses .. As we saw during Russia 2018, there is no longer a weak difference, even giants such as Germany and Spain have had a difficult time playing in accordance with their style, that the possession of the ball does not guarantee you to win while the experience does not guarantee success .. The use of The options available differently is the key to everything.

Belgium .. Team spirit:

The Belgians have entered the tournament with one of the best teams on paper, but their biggest success in Russia is teamwork. This may be the most important achievement in their history simply because they have never reached such a stage in the past. The Red Devils clearly demonstrated against Japan and Brazil. The team's stars, including the magic trio Eddin Hazard, Kevin De Bruin and Romilo Lucaco, appear to be at their best when needed, but it should also be noted that The goals of the Red Devils were signed by Ts With different players in Russia.

Roberto Martinez seems to be the right man at the right time, as he seems to have found the best way to get the best out of his stars and team up as one. In this Belgian team, everyone is ready to play and willing to make sacrifices on the pitch or in some cases , To accept the role of replacement and support their teammates.

England .. Diversity:

The choice of a single force to define the England team is more and more difficult as Gareth Southgate continues to find new and different ways to beat its opponents. We are all used to how this young team uses confidence, a system of modern play and teamwork for its benefit. Is constantly up and running to deal with any match situation and to compete with any competitor, and his way of managing the game is amazingly effective.

England won in 2018 for the first penalty shootout in the history of the World Cup, without going into an individual evaluation of the stars, from the distinguished goalkeeper Jordan Beckford to the top scorer of the tournament, Harry Caen, both of whom are under the age of 24 years.

This may be the strongest English team we have seen since 1990, the last time the three lions reached the semi-finals. However, with their modern and focused approach to the game, this team is on its way to making its own history.

Croatia .. Center talent:

Given the way they qualified for the most difficult group in Russia in 2018, let alone passing two very difficult knockout stages, Croatia is one of the most impressive teams in the tournament. The midfield is the most important foundation of the team, The best midfielders in Russia 2018, where the players who shine in this site always appear at the height of their duty and at the top of their organization and their full concentration.

Luka Modric and Ivan Rakic ​​are the backbone of the Croatian team. It is not unusual to see players from Real Madrid and Barcelona coming together to deliver such a devastating performance, but this is exactly what Modric is doing with Rakeitch at the heart of the Balkan team, but they are not the only ones. Inter Milan striker Marcelo Prozovic and other Real Madrid players Matteo Kovacic and Fiorentina striker Milan Pedelli, all of whom are all a great generation of Croatian midfielders.